​​Transformational Life Coaching

My Motto:
"We don't come here to learn...we come here to remember what we've always known"-Jeanette Hunter
My Mission:
I am honoured to be the bridge to help guide you to a more conscious, inspired life that you have the power to create. I look forward to working with you.-Jeanette Hunter
One on One Life Coaching-
Each Session Includes: Working one on one with myself, through the implementation of Law of Attraction processes, techniques and tools.
Through this one on one connection with clients, I help to guide my clients to create the shifts in their live's that they are open and ready to create for themselves.
As well each session is infused with the addition of a Universal Sphere® Service
(A $65.00 bonus, when requested)
 Life Coaching Packages-
 Investing in Life Coaching is a Valuable Investment in Self Care & Well-being. 
Investment Options-
Package #1- 3 Month 1 on 1 Life Coaching $1,620.00
Package #2- 6 Month 1 on 1 Life Coaching $3,240.00
Please be sure to check with your Employers Benefits Program-Under Health and Wellness as some Benefits Packages may reimburse for Life Coaching.
Reciepts may be provided upon request. 

Modality Services Offered -
Universal Sphere® Session-$75.00 per service
A 30-45 minute session, (can be performed in person or distance)
For more information about the US please see the events section.
An in person US service can be provided at our shop location-
Nourish the Soul Wellness center
5013-50th Ave, Cold Lake AB T9M 1P1
780-661 -3331

"The Mystic Oracle"-$100.00 
A 60-90 minute service-Includes a Universal Sphere® session, and an Oracle Card Reading with the deck of your choice.

One on One Guided Meditation Session-$45.00
A 30-45 minute session.

Wedding Officicant with All Seasons Weddings- Fee's are determined by All Seasons Weddings. To learn more search:

Youth Group Coaching Program:Created by Jeanette Hunter
10 week program-$30.00/class/participant
Total Investment per participant-$300.00  
This coaching program can also be conducted One on One in person or remotely via Skype
Each session runs 1.5-2 hrs in length

Author-Seasons of Joy- Soft cover copy $20.00

Created by Jeanette Hunter
"The 40 Day Self Love" Program (Self Guided/Directed) $130.00 hard copy option, $115.00 Electronic copy option.
Includes recorded Introduction & Mediation & daily work sheets provided by hard copy or emailed, to guide you on your Self-Love journey. 
As well as a weekly Universal Sphere®, provided at a distance, to add additional support
( A $75.00 bonus) 

Additional Tools to support you on your journey: Created by Jeanette Hunter
'The 40 Day Self Love" Oracle Cards-Investment per deck $30.00

Additional Life Coaching Program Availble:
The Below Programs can be Taugh in person or via Zoom:
-Abundance 40 day Program $275.00
-Magentising & Manifesting Program $255.00
-Deliberately Design Your Awesome Future Program $275.00
-Creating Your Ideal Body Program $285.00
These Programs can also be facilitated in a one on one coaching option, in person or via Zoom

The Below Programs are self-directed programs:
-Law of Attraction Seminar-How to attract anyone or anything into your experience $100.00
-Creating a Soul Relationship Program $255.00
-Attracting Your Ideal Partner Progam $255.00

I am excited to announce I have created a beautiful line of Crystal Jewelry.
"Elysium-Crystal Creations"
I have a wide array of crystal Mala's and crystal bracelets available for purchase. These items can be viewed in person at Nourish the Soul Wellness Centre, shipping can be arranged for those who live out of town.

For any inquiries please feel free to email me, all contact information can be loated at the bottom of this page. Thank you and have a beautiful day, Jeanette
Current and Future Events Schedule 
  1. 40 Day Self-Love Program
    40 Day Self-Love Program
    For more information about this amazing program, please feel free to stop by and speak with me or contact me at 780 815 1522 Nourish the Soul Wellness Centre 5013- 50th Ave Cold Lake, AB.
  2. 10 Week Youth Group Coaching Program
    10 Week Youth Group Coaching Program
    I am excited to announce that this program is available to facilitate to a group or as a one on one option as well. For more information please call me at 780 815 1522
  3. Programs Available in 2018
    2018 NTS
    Programs Available in 2018
    I will be facilitating a variety of programs in 2018 from Nourish the Soul Wellness Centre. Check out my future events that will be posted on my FB Page.
Life Coaching
Universal Sphere® Practitioner

Seasons of Joy

Certified law of Attraction Life Coach

Certified Universal Sphere® Practitioner Services

Please allow me to share a little bit about myself. My name is Jeanette Hunter. I have been on my own spiritual journey for almost 10 years. My journey began when I was called to write and create my own column “Spreading Joy.” From this column I created and published two books, my latest book “Seasons of Joy” was released in December 2014.
  "You will become swiftly swept up into this eloquent personal perspective of my month-to-month, seasonal exploration into my spiritual enlightenment and growth. Through humor and pinnacle "Aha" moments, I find myself yearing to continue on my path of discovering my true divine self. My journey has brought me a sense of awareness and wakefullness, throughout my whole entire being. I feel I am finally on the cusp of fully comprehending just how marvelous this journey is, as a spiritual being having a human experience."
  ​I believe I was called to become a Law of Attraction Life Coach as I have always felt guided to help & support others. I have always felt that I was here to do great things with my life. I was intuitively guided to take this specific course as it was created to specifically work with the Universal Laws. I have been blessed with the natural ability to see and feel energy and have for most of my life, this choice to become a LOA Life Coach felt like a natural transition for my already guided life.
As of Sept 28th I will be joining the Nourish the Soul Wellness Practitioners Team in Cold Lake. We are located at 5013-50th Avenue, Cold lake, AB. To book your appointment please call-780 815 1522 or the Wellness Center at 780 661 3331
I look forward to connecting with you. 
The Universal Sphere® – What is it? It is an energetic experience that is easy to learn, easy to do for yourself and others. It is a tool to show you the ease of the new paradigm you are moving towards in your near future. It is part of what is available now to assist us to connect more with your divine nature.
The Universal Sphere® – How Can It Help You? The Universal Sphere allows you to live more from your heart than from your head. It contains the potential for change, transformation, peace, healing, understanding and release. It has an impact on your human form on every single level at which it exists: your physical body, all the way down to the very essential particles within your body and then extending on beyond that to the energetic realms, the realms beyond which your five senses exist.

780 815 1522 (TEXT)
Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri 2 pm-5:30 pm
Evening and weekend apointments available upon request

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